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When we get asked if our trackers can perform tasks that they can not we can often design a device that can fulfil the spacific task our customer requires.

Low Water Alert

If your a farmer or lifestyle farmer you will know how much of an inconvenience it is to run out of water.  Some tanks have a ball indicator but this is often missed during the busy working day.  Some tanks are out of site alot of the time so monitoring the water lever becomes a chore.  We designed an affordable system that will text you when the level is low.  This gives you time to fill the tank before it becomes an issue.  Everyone has their phone on them and you will still get notified even if your in another part of the country giving you time to arrange having the the water replenished. 

Automated Pump System

If your running electric water pumps we can have them engage it automatically.  We simply install sensors in your water tank that sense when the water is at the level you would like it filled.  Once the water level is full it will switch the pump off again.  We can offer a hard wired system or if the pump is remote we can have the system turn the pump on remotely.  If you include our low water alert system with this you will also be aware  of any pump issues.  

Trip Wire Alert

This device is designed for large commercial and pleasure craft.  If a large craft was to break loose from its mooring it can potentially cause a lot of damage.  We designed a system that would send a text to the owner alerting them of the issue.  The owner is alerted as soon as there is an issue ensuring prompt response to minimize damage or avoid it totaly

Automated Atomization System

This device automatically atomizes a liquid solution into the air, in this case it was a confined space.  This could be applied to other applications such as hydroponics.  It is timed specifically for the needs of the application and can add or take away time as the year progresses.  The amount of time the atomizer runs for is also 100% flexible.

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