Data Sim Upgrade 3 X The Data


Data Sim Upgrade

3 times the data and 5 years data expiry time.  Data only IoT sim cards, see below for details:


Data Sim Upgrade

With our local telecommunication providers, at best they only give a maximum of 12 month to use the data provided on the sim.  If the sim card is not topped up in the time it will expire, and your tracker will become inactive and UN-trackable.  These sim cards will only work the one network so if the tracker is in an area where that network is poor you may experience outages.  Our data sim upgrade will give you 3 times the data, 5-year expiry and will jump to the strongest network available.

The tracker relies on the network being active to work and any outages will affect this.  Because the sim card upgrade will jump to the strongest available network, this will eliminate most of this issue giving almost 100% uptime.  Bear in mind that there are still parts of the country that have zero coverage of any network so it will not help in this instance.  This makes this upgrade a greater fit and forget solution for all applications. A small price to pay for more reliability.

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