Product Support For Your GPS Tracker


The correct sim card installation turns the tracker on and will stay on until the sim card is removed

The UT2G15 will last 2 weeks, the UT2G50 and the UT3G50 will last 2-3 months. The UT3G100 will last 4-5 months, the UT3G200 will last 6-7 months.  These times are calculated in stand by mode with checking it’s position once a week. More active applications will use more battery life

Yes, we can sell you a kit to achieve this or you purchase a hard wired tracker that will include remote engine disable feature.

Yes and Vodafone do not have any plans to stop it and it is actually better in remote areas.   There is a lot of commercial equipment running on 2G still.

This depends on the tracker.  a UT2G50 will need to charge over night from dead flat.  The UT2G15 will only need a few hours.  The bigger the battery the longer it will take. 

Please refer to our plans from the main menu.

Has your sim card expired (12 months from the last top up). Have you run out of credit (manageable via the my vodafone app). Is the battery flat?

It is illegal to use a GPS tracker to track a person without their knowledge.  You must advise you staff if you are installing a GPS tracker in company vehicles.  This also applies to family. 

Are you having issue with your GPS tracker?

 If you are having issues with any part of our system and the FAQ does not help, please contact us.  Most of the time, this is the quickest and easiest for everyone. 

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