GPS Tracker UT2G15 – GPS Trackers New Zealand


A sim card will be supplied with $20 credit and configured for New Zealand networks ready to use. You must register your phone number with the tracker as soon as you receive it.


UT2G15 – Utrack GPS Trackers New Zealand


This GPS tracker is ideal for the tight spaces when you need the unit well hidden.  This makes it ideal for other uses such as keeping track of the elderly or children should the need arise.


1.SMS Tracking: This GPS tracker can relay the position information to the admin number with google map link.
2.GPS,AGPS and LBS positioning.
3.Admin number setting: After setting the admin number, All Alerts from the tracker will be sent to this phone.
4.Movement alarm: Once you set this function, the tracker will send alarm information to the admin number when the movement distance is up to 500 meters.
5.Geo-fence – Have your GPS tracker alert you when it is out side of its pre set perimeter.
6.Built-in powerful magnet, easy to be hidden and installed.7.Check the history of route: The web server for this device can save 3 months of history data, you can download it as xls format document.
8.Voice monitor.
9.Lifetime free web tracking platform.
10.Overspeed alarm.
11.Shake alarm: After this function is set, if the tracker is kept stationary for 5 minutes, this function will start working. Then once the tracker gets shocked, it will send an SMS “sensor alarm!”to the admin number.
12.Low battery alarm:tracker will send an alarm information to you when the voltage is lower than 3.5V.
13.Sleep mode by time and shock sensor gps logger. Sleep mode by time: for example, you can set the time interval as 5 minutes,then the tracker will only work for 5 minutes after being woken up and back to sleep mode again. Besides,under this mode, GPS will shut off and GSM will work under low
consumption mode.The SMS commands and incoming call can wake up the tracker. Sleep mode by shock sensor:after you set this mode,if the device has no shock
for 5 minutes it will work under”sleep by shock “mode automatically,the GPS will shut off and GSM will work under low consumption mode. The SMS commands,incoming
call and vibration can wake up the tracker.
14.Real-time online tracking via web server and APP.
15.Waterproof IP65 design.
16.U-blox GPS chipset.
17.Built-in 3.7V 1400 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery,the standby time can last around 25 days.                                                                                         18. Dimension – 55X36X22mm

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Dimensions 5.5 × 6.3 × 2.1 cm


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